Friday , October 22 2021

Running 24 hours René Froger will start on Boxing Day


"It makes you stumble and discover what you really are important for you now," says Bert about his program, which is the first pig on Wednesday, December 26th. "For whom you are grateful, what is your value and what your others meant." In this program I come with René Froger in this quest, but it also gives the opportunity the opportunity to think about these important questions of life. "

For Rene's last hours & # 39; were strong. The singer must be the first to say goodbye to his dogs. "It would be with you, say, if you think that, then you're just wounded." While he gives the four legged friends a final prison, says René: "I think it's very bad, I find it completely confrontational."

What Bert has in store for René, he does not know. In the adventure, the men make the interim: what is René thankful for? Who are René's lovers? And is he happy? "In the past 24 hours – it feels like a week – we have discussed and done so much," says the singer when his last hour was almost killed. "And now, it's only stronger, how much I love life."

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