Monday , January 17 2022

Rotterdam wants 3,000 prefabricated rental houses in the fight against housing shortages.


Rotterdam will open between 1500 and 3000 ready-to-use rental properties in the city. The City Council adopted PvdA's consent last night.

Apartments for assembly can be relieved of pressure on the housing market by paying about 600 euros in rent. PvdA hopes bachelors, starters, teachers and police officers will benefit from the home.

It is a prayer that the apartment has already been designated for the construction of the house, but has not been developed yet. We need to place the first temporary house next year. They can stay for up to 10 years.

Amsterdam and Leiden already have such a residential complex. Usually they are rented and built by a housing company.

Priority to people looking for others

The SP consent form was also adopted to make an emergency declaration to the instructor when the board was looking for a home in Rotterdam. With that statement they get priority over other house hunters.

The council also agreed to an agreement to encourage seniors to move to a smaller home faster.

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