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Retailers are pleased with Black Friday: & # 39; ten times as many customers as normal & # 39;


And you can not really see it, though we do not see here as American situations as described above above.

What is the same: Here is also the consumer written for a while with scratches. 40, 50, 60, 70, sometimes up to 80 percent will be discounted in & # 39; the United States.

Millions of people on bargain hunt

In 2015, Pablo Druijts began to collect talks and chambers that participate in Then there were 35 stores on the site. Last year there were 125, now there are 200 rooms, brands or shops on the website.

"Of course, we do not have everything," says Druijts. For example, it does not mean any local entrepreneurs. The income model of the page is in a commission that he receives when visitors click on other web sites, where they can order them. And that does. "Last year we had a million unique visitors in the black Friday afternoon, now we hope 1.5 million."

Holiday season

The hard and fast is just a recent, since a year or two. There was hardly something. "In America, the phenomenon of the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally the blackness of people," says specialist Kitty Koelemeijer. In the Netherlands we do not celebrate the whole Thanksgiving party.

"But for global markets, it was easy here to enter via webhosts," says Koelemeijer. "And traders want to have a lot of time selling for Christmas and Christmas, and you'll get the full purchase of the season's holiday season with special offers."

From gold crash to profite machine

Yes, black week. Because the phenomenon is no longer a day, but has grown into a great winkelich event of a week. The term originally changed to the crash of a merchant in # 39; the United States on September 24, 1869, but now has many different references.

In 1950, Black Friday & # 39; Used by the police in Philadelphia to give the chance that the day after Thanksgiving the city. Police officers worked extra days and had their hands full of arrangements and arrangements.

Respond to the drift

It was not until the end of '80s that the traders were in the & # 39; A positive moment could be achieved, which at the time pointed out the merchants from the red and began to write & # 39; black figures, or a force.

Koelemeijer sees that shops are trying to get more sales and thus continue with special deals. "Retailers have forgotten each other, but that's how it works in competition, and the consumer makes one another and even forget it, it's also the creation of a bargain hunt, you do not feel like you What's missing, and the stores are just playing on that step. "

Ten times as much as normal & # 39;

And that seems like to go again. Mediamarket describes, for example, that during weekends to Black Friday rough # 39; At least ten times as many people arrive at the shops and the site. "It's a rough estimate, but the focus on Black Friday is much earlier and much more intense," says spokesman Jeroen Baardemans.

"We expect that the next Friday will be the largest camping season," he says. "That's why we're up to the maximum level: everyone working, working together and we have scratches in stores, you want people to learn a good shopping experience, so music management is needed."

Rattelje fol & # 39;

They also see the bulbs in Coolblue. "In recent years we have seen a great increase in sighted numbers and guides and it will be one of the busiest days of the year," spokesman Ottelien van Pelt expects. "The camp is full of offerings and there are 600 people working to leave the products on time."

She receives a very busy day at the Batavia City Exhibition Center. Parking space is arranged for hundreds of extra cars. "The only days that are close are our own shopping center, for members, on a normal Friday, there are about 6,000 people, now we expect 25,000," says a spokesperson.

Do or not participate?

There are also companies that start bad loans, but do not give up on Black Friday. Ikea goes for example the campaign to deal with the darkest # 39; from Thursday, November 22 to Monday. Bijenkorf offers up to 30 percent until Monday.

And then there are also entrepreneurs who do not let them free and the offers for what they are. "This year I chose not to participate," says Wouter Klein Willink. Together with his wife, he has two clothing shops in Zwolle, and he is also a agent for a Danish dunshap.

You can lose extra extra

Previously he made his clothes shops. "I see a number of shops that give great routes to attract and sell people, but I think that's not good for delivering in general, and you can extra extra loss," he says.

Klein Willink wants to be taken seriously by the consumer. "We can not do that if we have only activate according to action, there is nothing wrong with a discount, but we have many new, good clothes that we buy at a great price, so you can not just ask for prices. That, besides the crash, is not needed for stores like us, "he said.

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