Tuesday , September 27 2022

Residents interior of Waalwijk house after a high fireworks


According to the fire department, the house in Westeinde came from the dashboard and hit the upper floor. The gas caused a fire. Energy company Enexis cut off gas.

The fire brigade disappeared for hours and was able to give a signal to the fire master at around 22.45. Meanwhile, residents of surrounding buildings have already been ordered to go elsewhere. The municipality was home to about 20 houses and informs the Omroep Brabant.

People were transported by taxi buses elsewhere because of the released smoke. "There is no smoke, the windows and doors are closed and the machine vents are turned off." The fire brigade contacted early in the evening, but the warning alone was not enough.

The spokesman explained that the firefighters suffered a lot from the fire because it was an old house with trees. Meanwhile, the fire was under control and all residents were reported to be sleeping at home.

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