Sunday , October 24 2021

Record boards for neglected red cross | Inland


That appears from figures that collected RWS for Telegraaf. "And then consider it that the year has not yet ended. It seems like road users stoically and the rules are left negligible to even take some time off, "says Diederik Fleuren.

"Normally speaking, a recordcore is given a nice one, but in this case it means a drop. Too bad because it is a measure of measure, the sugary is in the context of insurmountability and worse otherwise. "

Increase PAC

"It's a bad turn that merchants have to be tackled, because it's not for nothing that has been rigged with a red cross," said Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water State) on the figures. "You will lose a rigidity because it is something that is handy and often to keep track of work items, bergers or other services."

"And that's not so long ago, because every year he or she has people – or their castles – which long ago the road to work is a threat, because people are persecuting a prohibition. I also say that I also have some point detectors that have the ability to overthrow overthrows doubling 50 to 100, "said the minister. "We were able to enlarge the packages and I also hope for the secrecy."

Verbal of boa

In 2015, the trays of processed verbal procedures by way of inspectors continued to strike 381 stuks. The following years, there were up to 1000 settlements. Fleures: "But then we go over now. For the last weeks, he has been expecting a lot of incidents whenever there are massive pretenders and automobiles unacceptable caprials to update upgrades. "

According to the RWS-trainer, the caretaker is much more sophisticated. "Fortunately, the inspecteurs can write out loudspeakers, but the overthrow has already begun. It's up to us to keep up the unveiling. We are told that we are able to inform road users as much as possible about the incident. "

230 euro

The negligence of a red crucifix is ​​standardized by the officer of justification with a minimum bid of € 230 (€ 240 in 2019). When retaining or overthrowing other 'huffers', the officer of justice denies the height of the penalty.

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