Tuesday , January 31 2023

More than 200 deaths from Ebola in Congo


In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), 201 people have died in Ebola since August. The AFP reports on the foundations of the Congolese Minister of Health. During this virus epidemic, 326 out of 291 people became sick.

read : Violence and political instability interfere with the fight against Ebola in the Congo.

It was the 10th Ebola epidemic that plagued the country since 1976, and this is the second time this year. Pest control efforts are hampered by violence and political instability in other regions. After a visit by the Secretary General of the World Health Organization, the UN Security Adviser's head called by phone on Friday. He focused on an armed group active in the East.

The team performing the response activity faces "threats, physical attacks, repeated destruction of equipment and kidnappings," he said. "Two of my colleagues in the ER died from the attack." There has been a vaccine against Ebola this year. More than 11,000 people in the Congo in high-risk areas are now immunized.

Northern Congo

Northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a disputed area where several armed groups are confronted. Beni, one of the most important cities in the northern part of the Kibo province, and relief work, the center of outbreak, was interrupted for several days in September after the relief effort was over.

Distrust is also a difficult element in the fight. Some Congoans think the treatment center is for long-term trading, and the Red Cross employees NRC. Thick clothes worn by emergency workers to prevent infection further amplify their suspicions. As a result, some people refuse to come to the treatment center and sometimes run away, causing more viruses to spread.

People who are infected without a vaccine or treatment are 90% likely to die from the Ebola virus. Pollution is caused by contact with the body fluids of the affected person. People who are sick have a history of sudden fever, muscle aches and weakness (dry stages), vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, weakened liver and kidney function, sometimes bleeding (& # 39; ) Must follow.

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