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Mitch Henriquez in appeal | now


Acute Stress Syndrome, which may have died while Mitch Henriquez was arrested in June 2015, is again questioned in appeals. It was announced Tuesday during a speech at the Hague Court. Two agents are accused of being dead, for example.

Wilma Duijst, a professor of forensic and health criminal law at Maastricht University, is not the first to have a report on acute stress syndrome, but the first non-substantive prosecution service (OM) has left.

The report will be discussed in April, when substantial discussions on the case will take place. It is also known that a relative, Richard Korver's lawyer, broadcasted the research program. Argus You want to add it to a file.

Three experts and a cardiologist who treated Henriquez in a radio show episode say that the 42-year-old Aruban does not have acute stress syndrome that died according to two experts.

The Pentagon says it has no legal basis to allow requests from surviving relatives. They have the right to speak, but according to them they must be with them.

The cause of death plays a key role in this case.

In this case, Henriquez's cause of death plays a key role. The forensic pathologist at NFI Vidija Soerdj's desk, who investigated the body of the Aruban study, has always said that he died of oxygen shortage due to the violence in his neck.

Kees Dads of GGD and Daan Botter of NFI are talking about heart failure as a result of acute stress syndrome. At the time of arrest, the heart could no longer afford it.

The lawyers of the agents asked the experts to listen again. This is because new information about the cause of Henriquez's death was added to the file after the first statement.

Aruban is arrested after being threatened with weapons

Henriquez was arrested at the Zuiderpark on June 27, 2015 during the Hague Music Festival. He shouted a few times and grabbed his crotch with his arms in his pocket. Aruban, 42, was arrested by a total of five agents after receiving multiple warnings.

Aruban opposed his arrest, where violence was applied by the police. In the case of two agents, this would be considered overblown.

In December of last year, they were sentenced to six months' imprisonment for the abuse of death. They appealed this punishment because they believed they had been convicted.

Their lawyers argued that the proportional powers were applied on Tuesday and that the violence immediately ceased after the arrest.

For security reasons, the agent is specified by code name.

Both agents are specified for safety reasons, such as DH01 and DH02. DH01 applied a clip to his neck and DH02 was in charge of the group commander.

Their anonymity is a problem in this case, because relatives can voluntarily anonymously claim the agent. By shielding the agent, the following relatives became more difficult to investigate the agent itself.

The following relatives have already filed various lawsuits, but so far, requests to cancel anonymity have always been denied. The following relatives have submitted this question back to the court.

The lawyer says that it is relevant and anonymization is necessary. Because after they have announced their names, they can no longer work. It can also affect the safety of agents and their families.

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