Tuesday , October 26 2021

Meals make the defense unforgettable


Infectious disease with the mardous virus leads to memory loss of the immune system. The virus deserves special cells of the immune system, gives all kinds of other infections more chance. This is shown by a study of virologists of Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, published last week in a scientific journal Nature Communications. From the previously published epidemic study of the same group (published in '39 magazine BMJ open) showed that kids had the mores, in the following period, more infections were prevented.

The mardiird virus has influenced the special cells of the immune system already known as animal disease, including monkeys. But if the infection is also in humans, it's not clear yet. For the researchers of Rotterdam, in 2013, created a unique opportunity to prove this, when there was a great breakthrough broke out in the Netherlands under experimental children. This population is not intensified for religious reasons and was therefore adapted to the hedgehog, which is very contacted and spread through the air.

Stones on skin and tongue

The virologists investigated the blood of 26 infamous children who had complaints about complaints – birds, coughs, wounds and spots on skin and tongue. Of 23 children in the laboratory could only be confirmed that they were infected with mons. In the past, in the infection (even before the spots appear on the skin), the researchers found the numbers of white blood cells in a blood vessel significantly: a sign that the immune system is suppressed. This promotes significant death penalty in # 39; the developing countries, with 85,000 dead in the year.

Until two years after mears, children have shown more other infections from a larger epidemic study. In the first month after the mall, for example, they were often prescribed three times as many antibiotics. Known and potentially likely complications of cold are lung and ear infections.

Meals are not an innocent illness, the researchers distinguish. The infection protects the immune system and the respiratory system so that even after the first removal of the disease, the defenses are still weak.

Vaccination is important

Vaccination against moles protects more than just the disease, and is therefore important, the researchers believe. Within the National Immunization Program, children in the Netherlands are twice impressing against mice (in combination with mumps and rubles) if they are fourteen months old and nine years old. National rate is above 95 percent, but in some municipalities is the smallest or 90 percent, so the risk of heart attacks is high. These municipalities are located in a diagonal line over the Netherlands, a region where many fearsome Protestants believe. It is no accident that the major breakdown of 2013 has occurred in this area, with more than 2,300 cases. Under this epidemic, more than 180 patients with mores were hospitalized and died at one age of 17 years.

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