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LIVE | OMT member: corona peak half the month, situation unstable | Domestic

  • UK trial with ‘corona passport’ begins this month
  • Negative corona test required from Tuesday when traveling from the Netherlands to Germany
  • Rush at German petrol stations: ‘I really will not pay for a test certificate’
  • Woonboulevard misses the hustle and bustle of Easter: ‘We just let people in without an appointment’
  • ‘Terraces open quickly, at 20 degrees you keep no one inside’

The peak of the third wave of corona is expected to be lower than previously thought and will come halfway through the month. This is stated by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the latest forecast, confirms OMT member Marc Bonten in Nieuwsuur.

Where two weeks ago it was expected that 1,400 intensive care beds would be needed for corona patients by the end of April, experts now think that the peak halfway through this month will come with about 800 occupied IC beds. “The explanation is that in recent weeks it has not been so bad how fast the number of IC beds has increased,” says Bonten in Nieuwsuur. “It should be noted that in recent days there has been a strong increase in the number of occupied IC beds. That is now at 746. That will certainly affect the next forecast.”

Bonten is therefore cautious about possible relaxation. “In our opinion, the situation is not very different from two weeks ago. There is a lot of uncertainty, ”says the medical microbiologist at UMC Utrecht. “The situation is still unstable.”

22.55 – Curaçao: serious, but manageable

The situation in the Curaçao hospital CMC remains “serious, but it is treatable”. Medical Director Ingemar Merkies said this during a government press conference on Monday. Last week, Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath stated that the hospital was full due to the large increase in the number of corona patients.

According to Merkies, more space has been created in the hospital in recent days for the care of coronary patients, including in intensive care. Places have also been set up in the former Sehos hospital, which is located next to the CMC.

Furthermore, Dutch doctors and nurses have come to the island and more are on the way to help with the crisis situation. Curaçao had specifically asked for this. Some corona patients have also been transported to Aruba. Merkies thanks the whole of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for the help provided.

During the press conference, it was announced that Curaçao will have anyone vaccinated who wants an injection at the end of the month. At present, more than 2,000 people are vaccinated every day. That number should increase to between 7,000 and 9,000 people per day. More injection sites will be opened here.

20.32 – Bonus workers for health care

It was supposed to be a bonus, but thousands of healthcare workers who thought they would get the healthcare bonus did not agree. The government has only set a few requirements, but these are so broad that employers themselves had to determine who was entitled to the bonus and who was not. And that leads to random, incomprehensible and skewed faces, reports RTL Nieuws.

The entire House of Representatives last year was in favor of the health care bonus plan, as a gesture to the health care workers who were at the forefront in the first corona period.

Three requirements were set by the ministry: you must have worked in health care between 1 March and 1 September, you must have contributed to the fight against Covid-19 and you can not earn more than twice the average (73,000 euros gross ).

More than 5000 health care employees call the hotline. At least 3,944 were found to meet all government requirements. But they were told by their employer that their bonus was allegedly canceled. These include staff in home care, care for the disabled, pharmacies or nursing homes.

19:22 – Guatemala buys 16 million doses of Sputnik

Guatemala will buy 16 million doses of the Russian Sputnik vaccine. President Alejandro Giammattei announced this Monday.

With the purchase, eight million people can be vaccinated by injecting recipients of the two-dose Sputnik vaccine. Just under half the population of the Central American country can be vaccinated with the cargo.

The faxes must be delivered within the next two weeks.

18.45 – Pint in the sun?

England reaps the benefits of vaccination: terraces reopen on April 12

10.40 – Portugal opens a little further

After almost three months of lockdown, secondary schools, museums and café terraces will reopen in Portugal on Monday. The primary schools were reopened in mid-March. Restrictions remain, as can a maximum of four people at a terrace table. Group sports are also not allowed yet.

It is expected that teaching at universities will resume on April 19 and that theaters will reopen for performances. According to the government’s schedule, the restaurants will reopen in early May.

6.35 – Free rapid test twice a week

Britons can take a free corona rapid test twice a week from 9 April. The British government announced this Monday. Residents receive the tests delivered to their homes, or they can purchase them through their workplace or from local test sites. Tests are also conducted at schools.

Until now, people in Britain could only get a free quick test if they belonged to a high-risk group or had to leave their home to go to work.

With the comprehensive testing program, the government hopes to quickly detect outbreaks and, for example, find infections in people who have no symptoms. According to the government, rapid tests have detected more than 120,000 infections that would not otherwise have been found.

The rapid tests, in combination with the vaccination program, should allow for relaxation of measures.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will update the UK’s coronation roadmap on Monday and announce plans to reopen the country’s economy.

Johnson is expected to announce that non-essential stores and hair salons will reopen on April 12. He will probably also provide more clarity on the trial with ‘corona passports’ which will start on 16 April. This means that people with a vaccination certificate as a recent negative result can attend sports matches or other events, for example.

6.32 – Record number of infections in one day in India

India reported 103,558 new infections on Monday, the largest daily increase in the country to date. This is according to new data from the Indian Ministry of Health. The total number of confirmed infections in India now stands at 12.6 million.

The country has the third largest total number of confirmed infections worldwide. At the top are the United States with more than 30.7 million cases and Brazil is in second place with about 13 million infections.

6.30 – ‘Vaccination marathon’ in German military vaccination center

The first German vaccination center run by the Bundeswehr has been operating 24 hours a day since Sunday. With 110 soldiers, the center in Lebach can inject up to a thousand injections every day, reports the German Ministry of Defense. By May, about 14,000 nocturnal vaccination appointments had been made in the center.

The center is set up in military barracks in the state of Saarland, near the border with France. The German armed forces previously deployed about five hundred soldiers in Saarland. Among other things, they do source and contact research and perform corona tests in nursing homes.

Saarland’s Prime Minister Tobias Hans had already declared a “vaccination marathon” a few days ago because his state had received 81,900 extra doses of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. Several vaccination centers in the state are therefore also open during Easter.

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