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It's like her healing, but bacteriophases help Djenna not of cysticism

What kind of Djenna (9) was happy when in February, after almost 4 years, had no more bladder infections. A special treatment there she had to go to Georgia, her mother was hit. But now, after a few months later, Djenna comes back to us. "Her old known bacteria is also comfortable with her."

It is now dominated by Djenna's life: her cysticism. When she was five years old, she was re-placed. The doctor saw that they might not have been in a good way. But after a plastic surgery, then surgery and at least 30 antibiotic hours later, they remained their systesis.

Alternatively for antibiotics

Only in hours has left the bladder degeneration. "But of course you can not take antibiotics in your life, and this is not a beginning," explains Karin Meerwijk. "And then our father, he heard of bacteria, an alternative to antibiotics, and then I went in and it was very soon."

I do not feel like I'm gonna shoot # 39;

Djenna told RTL News before they went to Georgia, how they came to their post.

Money was collected for Djenna to study special treatment with bacteria in Georgia. Comparably explained, bacteria can work as a kind of bacterial virus, which makes them operate. They do that again and again until the bacteria are gone. In the Netherlands do not yet work with doctors with treatment. But the urologist of Djenna said, "go for it."

A great influence & # 39;

When the required 8,000 euros were collected, they went to the clinic. "That had a great influence on her, she was ten days away from home in a strange country, and the bacterial substance she had to take was very dry."

Djenna in Georgia where they had to take the bacteria

Djenna in Georgia where they had to take the bacteria

© Karin Meerwijk

But it did. The bladder infection and bacteria in the body's body have disappeared. "She got fitter, she got more color in her face and her urine was clean again, it was not done in the years."

She was in her pants peeing # 39;

Back in the Netherlands have solved the problems. "But it did not last long for the complaints to come back, and she was back in her pants." It turned out that the bacteria was back and the bacteria no longer helped. "That bacteria is just to eat with Djenna, that is the conclusion."

So, everything was empty "No, certainly not, the abdominal pain that has traveled for Georgia every day, is no longer, so Djenna can move and she is fitter than before, for example she is no longer in school We were expecting more of the trip, but we were just. "

Djenna no longer has a stomach and feels again

Djenna no longer has a stomach and feels again

© Karin Meerwijk

There is only one other solution for Djenna and Karin: Wait. "The doctor has said that it is possible that Djenna grows over the disease, we wait and wait for that, and of course she is still asserting that she always has a bladder infection, but she has tried it again and put it in her bag."

What does the RIVM say about bacteria?

There is much talk about bacteria or replacement for antibiotics. Therefore, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has also investigated this. A report on bacteria is published in May.

This says it will not be a good alternative to antibiotics in the coming years. Minimal research has been done to determine how bacteria are effectively effective in treating infections. Too small is known about safety.

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