Wednesday , June 16 2021

Ice skating over natural ice in Doorn after coldest night this winter NOW

The night from Saturday to Sunday was the coldest of this winter. In Leeuwarden, the mercury hit minus 10, a record. After the frost in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Doornsche IJsclub could open the ice rink on Sunday morning.

From 8 o'clock the riders were welcomed on the natural ice in Doorn.

The organization has shown that the ice is accessible longer than it gets lost. Removing the temperature in & nbsp; one day can cause & # 39; be the quality of the ice cream.

Mayor Frits Naafs from Utrechtse Heuvelrug, where & # 39; t Doorn falls, lets Sunday know on Twitter that it is already "very busy".

December has only eight days of frost

Opening cutbacks on Sundays are also made at & # 39; several other ice boxes in the country.

December has only eight days of frost, while normally still thirteen, Weerplaza reports. The January has so far been five days where the temperature is below zero.

Last week it is modern for the first time this winter season. In & # 39; t The Bilt, the temperature is lowered to minus 5.2 degrees. It was the coldest in the north of Friesland with heavy frost in Leeuwarden, minus 10.2 degrees.

The coming night comes colder

It looks like it's getting colder in the night after Monday. Moderate to localized heavy frosts may be possible after weather plaza.

The conditions for the release of cold are ideal, a clear sky and a small wind. However, an impressive mouthful of eclipse can be seen in many places, or flower moon.

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