Thursday , June 1 2023

Hospital Harderwijk is the only candidate to restart IJsselmeer Hospital. now


The curators of the bankrupt hospital union MC IJsselmeerziekenhuizen decided to speak exclusively with St Jansdal Hospital in Harderwijk.

The fiduciaries announced this on Tuesday. "The results of the negotiations with St. Jansdal Hospital will be clear and communicated this weekend," the curator said.

"Currently, we are carefully reducing the number of patients to ensure their safety. If we have an agreement on resuming, we will resume work and continue."

It is already known that there are several serious candidates to take over the hospital, including other medical institutions in the region earlier. Trustees have always said that there is a preference for candidates who want to continue a significant portion of their care.

Earlier, Cees de Bruin, chairman of the Clare council, thought the bankrupt Flevoland Hospital could be taken over by Cardiology Centers Netherlands (CCI).

He said the organization would be cut off. "This is also the organization that has existed for a long time," he said a week ago. "A new start will examine everything."

It has been deteriorating with hospitals for a long time.

The hospital group was declared bankrupt at the end of October. This relates to Lelystad's MC Zuiderzee, MC Emmeloord, MC Dronten's Hospital and Lelystad's midwife.

In the beginning of October, the hospital's latest annual report shows that it is going downhill financially. Because the debt is higher than the company's book value, the group has already technically bankrupt.

Before the bankruptcy, the hospital group was part of a company like MC Slotervaart in Amsterdam.

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