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HIV testing is not sufficiently accessible


23-11-2018 |
In the Netherlands, the risk of HIV infection between men's sex with men is higher than the rest of the population. Gay and bisexuals point out that they take HIV seriously. However, fewer people from this group are exposed to all three to six months for HIV. The percentage that is not recent and never tested is the highest youth. This is shown by the Survey Men & Sexuality published today, about sex and health under 6025 men who have sexual intercourse with men. The findings of this study were presented in the National STI * HIV * Sexual Agenda that is active in Amsterdam. Besides the use of all prevention tools, it is easier and easier for HIV testing to be important to stop the HIV epidemic under homosexuality.

"It is unacceptable that there is still a HIV epidemic between homosexuals in the Netherlands, because we have the means to stop this, and that's only possible if the HIV prevention pill is ready for a large group homo. s. should be more accessible to all homosexual men and we can end up "HIV epidemic by preventing and arresting a HIV infection," says Wim Zuilhof, program leader at Soa Aids Nederland.

One of the main goals in & # 39; The fight against HIV in the Netherlands is that 85% of homosexuals and bisexual people know their current HIV status, which means that men have tested less than six months ago. The Survey Men and Sexuality, however, show that only 48% of participants know their current HIV status. Almost one third (31%) has been more than a year ago and one out of five men (21%) has never been tested. The largest percentage never tested is young and is also outside the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. It is also remarkable that 17% of this group indicated that they had no symptoms. In practice, there are symptoms of a beginning of # 39; HIV does not always be remarkable or interpreted as flu.

Gay and bisexuals can even get them free from the STI clinic of GGD. But there is a shortage of captivity and they have to deal with waiting times. For people who regularly check key times, waiting times are very impossible. It is a disadvantage that some people have a HIV infection when needed and that the virus has the chance to spread it further. Soa Aids Nederland thinks this is a serious development. Due to a lack of capacities, STD polis is increasingly becoming the common practice. Testing for HIV at the GP is purchased at the site. If people are not just testing HIV, but also recommended for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis, they lose a few hundred euros at one time. The test for testing HIV and STD through the general practice form test a threshold. An additional issue is that not all general practices are well identified in HIV infection. Testing home for HIV is also not possible. Unlike countries around us, a reliable HIV self-test in the Netherlands can not be bought without intervention from a physician or pharmacist.


We go again | yesterday | 23:53

Who knows one of his surroundings influenced by epsporation or colon cancer? That comes from girls from pleasure from Berlin. At least, that's where it was first discovered. There is now a vaccine for what the whole cargo does not retain, but everything is better than nothing. That is completely safe. It has more and more parents encouraged to reject all insects.

People who do it with men can do better to wear a T-shirt: I'm Homo, but only 35 years old. And only in a plastic bag. For public health. Are your questions?

If you are just, you must be ordinary, feminine and guilty. Unmatched of course. But homosexuals, they are just called a hunter. And again feel guilty. With her abnormal behavior. Beaten? Seponeer. A half or a very perverted remains a pervert. It is not said, but it is thought.

Och homo? | 3 hours ago

Fine, but you do it, right?

Oh diabetics? | 3 hours ago

It is an autoimmune disease. Many new things have been discovered, including many AIDS researches. But it is also genetically determined. So you do it, right? Repeat with your nephew with him again. Really be enough. And then you give this abuse to another innocent person. If you have certain conscience, you should do it safely. Or rather not much more.

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