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Hair rescues the student (19): Keeping as light blue! | Noteworthy


Estelle thinks twice in future when she wants to redo her here. The French student from Vitry bought a cotton chef from a well-known brand just two weeks ago – contains almost all types of hair products – contains PPD or paraphenylene diamine, a particularly allergic preference.

Due to poor experience with a similar product, Estelle took care of her: first to test a small amount of hair dryer on her skin to see if there would be an irritation. Only then, she just waited for a half hour instead of 48 hours to press the packet. And so the French did not miss the confidence and brought the product to her hair.

Light sheet

The consequences did not last long: Estelle's scalp started to swallow and the top of her head seemed to swell. The student was trying to inspire allergic reactions with a soothing cream and antihistamines, but the next morning it was only to become worse.

She was completely started by the spider's head.

She was completely started by the spider's head.


"I had a jerky head, my face was a light blue," said the young woman, the right to get the first aid.

It was not clear the first time that the doctors saw the symptoms. Estelle had corticosteroids and antihistamines. But the situation did not improve at home.

Enter & # 39; e. "We drive to another hospital, Estelle had plans with a lot of flavor in her car, her mother told us." Her tongue began to swell and sniff her heart faster. "

Choose a professional & # 39;

Dochters gave the student adrenaline and kept the night awake. In the meantime she is improved and she is allowed to leave the hospital again.

Estelle wants to warn people with their story and photos. "I made a mistake and does not want everyone to make the same mistake as me."

The doctors do not advise them to color their future here, but to reach a professional one.

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