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For the arrival of Sinterklaas, culture –


Execution up to the arrival of Sinterklaas is no longer noise again this year. Next week the Good Saints will step into our country. And with that, the debate about the emergence of Zwarte Piet is happening again and again. On Tuesday, Haarlem's court announced that an inter-ordinance order to ban "racially discriminated national entry" under the initiative and four action groups so far will be demonstrated at Zaanstad, where the saints arrived.

Most of the Foundation's prospects are challenging the Jan Hamming market in Zaanstad, where NTR and CNJ will be presenting TV broadcasts. Media Commissariaat, State, Kijkwijzer and media company Vinke Vision were also convened.

Among the four action groups reported by Jianntad, there are two pro blacks and two black feet, a spokesman said. If you want to demonstrate, you must notify the municipality at least 72 hours in advance. Strict rules apply when writing. For example, the area where the saint arrives leaves on the fence and the audience must first pass the jacket and bag check through the doorway. Workgroups are assigned far away workspaces. To prevent confrontation.

Call NTR

The action group Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP) also presented local entries for the Saints in at least 18 locations. The Hague, Rotterdam, Dokkum, Maassluis, Apeldoorn, Den Helder, Weesp and Willemstad (Curaçao). The Hague municipality has already said that demonstrations in the Plein of the Center are not allowed, but can be carried out in other places not yet decided.

NTR had to appeal to municipalities to enter the country. No candidate has registered yet in early March. After that, broadcasters were overwhelmed by stakeholders. The first broadcast of the Sinterklaas news was due to the color of Pieten in the last few years. It starts on Monday. Broadcaster has already announced that you can see this version of the black pie with the soot.

Last year, Dokkum became the background of national advance. Zwarte Piet's opponent stopped by the road on the A7 highway. On Friday, the court imposed chairpersons, the so – called 'No – Blocking', with a duty of up to 240 hours.

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