Tuesday , November 30 2021

First images of Lion King remake online


The trailer contains in particular the presentation of the new Simba on Pride Rock. Many of the images are clearly inspired by the original and are recorded again by Elton Johns Circle of life. You can also hear a famous monologue of Mufasa's lover Queen, also performed by James Earl Jones.

The film has a cast cast: Donald Glover is the voice of Simba, Beyonce of his favorite Nala, Chiwetel Ejiofor is evil Scar and Seth Rogen writes Pumba.


Director John Favreau made his name in Hollywood with three Iron Manfilms and directed the Disney Remake in 2016 The Jungle Book.

The recent trailer trailer for one and half minutes is popular: within a few hours there have been five million views on youtube.

The Lion King will be the next year in the cinema, just 25 years after the original. This film still takes one of the most successful Disney productions: worldwide has invested nearly a billion dollars and the music of the same name has been popular for years.

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