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FA and Premier League have been working on expanding foreign limits NOW


The FA and the Premier League are diametrically agreed to reduce the number of foreigners to the Brexit. The English football club wants to set up the rules so that even better players get more chances, but that resistance to the highest competition.

The Premier Premier League now presents 8 out of 25 players in # 39; The selection should be trained in their own country, but the FA wants to increase this number to 12, even if a Brexit agreement is concluded.

According to the association, this would reduce the national team, to get more English at the highest level, but according to the Premier League there is no question of that.

"There is no evidence that stranger quotas as they have now, have a positive influence on national teams," the Premier League responds Wednesday in a statement. "We think of the interests of British football as a whole."

"We also talked about that with the EFL (the organization of other three English proficient levels, eds.) And the Scottish Professional Football League, we agree with ourselves that Brexit does not be used to make British clubs weaker and reduce their chances of finding foreign players. "

Less than a third of Premier League players are English

National coach Gareth Southgate has worried about the low number of English in the Premier League already, but he also does not look good in # 39; the plans of his employer. "Statistics show that stricter rules can make difference, because you can still set up a non-Briton team."

Of all players in the Premier League this season have played, only 30 percent of English. At the beginning of this season, the twenty clubs were 262 foreign residents in their selections, which meant thirteen averages. According to the plans of FA, that would have to be the limit to the Brexit.

However, the FA does not want foreign players to have more requirements to get a grant. Now the number of international matches and the position of their country in the FIFA rankings are counted.

According to the proposal of the Association, these requirements and clubs may decline any player to Brexit, but a limit of thirteen foreign clubs will then apply the application. "We have been convinced that the English benefit comes from," according to the FA.

Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City are two of five clubs with the maximum number of foreigners in their selection (Photo: ANP)

Internationalization has indeed contributed to growth & # 39;

Nonsense, Premier League boss Richard Scudamore tells news agency AP. "Internationalization has really contributed to the growth of the Premier League, the number of visitors and general interest are undermined by foreign players in competition."

"We have very constructive discussions with the government about the importance of our access to the European market, and of course about the many cultural and economic benefits of a popular Premier League."

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