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Ex-failing fourfold murderer Enschede: How much body was cold & # 39; Interior


"When I heard that when I was done, I was cold over my body, I felt my heart sharpened, and felt the sword in my mind, if I had left for a moment, then I would can not stand, "says the person who wants to remain anonymous, against RTV Oost. He just typically car in the car.

"I'm sure they have turned away from me. In my eyes was the usual Tuan: they called the other three to leave no witnesses."

Multiple shooters & # 39;

Previously, he did not include that day. The owner of the growth store was realized as always & # 39; and made a conversation, a joke. Usually, he had no idea of ​​the threat. The former owner was also present. He would also find death. The third and fourth victims, a restaurant owner from Hengelo and a man from Arnhem, were later found in another part of the building.

The Enschedeer thinks there is no single-man action: "This can never have one person in his conscience, especially for those who were two in another part of the building, which should be different shooters."

"Shocked me blankly"

The man himself was arrested a few hours after the decision. He was completely overwhelmed. "More than 30 police cars, my father and I were in the pistol with automatic weapon." Scream or shout, "she called, and later I realized: what happened when I was in panic driving?"

He had to go to bed in the night. Then he was transferred to the detached complex in Borne. "When my lawyer told me where I was told, I was shocked." What if I could not avenge my innocence? "I would completely disappear for 30 years innocently behind the back."

Hunger strike

In protest was the Enschedeer a hunger strike, his lawyer said. "He only drink water, and it was even a long way to drink something of him." Enschedeer: "And I had to stop it, if necessary, I swear to you." His lawyer: "Allow, complement the research team. They have set up a relatively short time that my client has a clear alibi and has nothing to do with this case. "

He is now free and all suspects have disappeared. But the man still tells a nightmare, he tells the news channel. "I always see the neighbors who see me and if there are friends of one or more victims I want to know you have never called for the past five years, but I have been crying regularly since I arrested and also after my release, I'm not the old one. "

Research completed

The police contained the investigation in the building in Enschede on Friday. Eight detectives investigate the storage. Undertaking in the detective program Opsporing Verzets has now offered fifteen tips.

The police, however, still have a lot of questions about what the fourth term in the building of Van Leeuwenhoek Street and why they were killed. The police will ask for witnesses who have seen details details or know more about the possible cause of this crime and they have not yet reported "to do that."

Hemp cultivation

After fatalization of bicycles, the police announced that two of the # The fourth men were arrested earlier in a canal trade. In the building where they were taken up, the police found raining tips in June. They were released in advance of their criminal law. But if the cannabis trade also has to deal with the deadly shutter, is still uncertain.

In the case, two men were separately arrested, but they were released again because they did not have the case.

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