Thursday , February 25 2021

Evidence of denoting genetically modified embryos

Worldwide, the claim of Chinese researcher He Jiankui, said that he has genetically modified a human embryo with CRISPR-Cas, has reacted with injuries. Two healthy girls would be this.

He has Jiankui on his website of his laboratory and on & nbsp; the videos on youtube about a few, Grace and Mark, to whom the IVF is applied. Mark would be HIV positive. Director for in vitro fertilization would have a gene (CCR5) inactivated with CRISPR-Cas technology so the HIV virus is no longer in cell. Later the modified embryo was replaced. Sequence for placement, in pregnancy and after birth would show that the genome of & nbsp; The two girls who invented Lulu and Nana, only changed into a genuine gene. According to him, this procedure has taken place in five parents (in any case, the father is HIV-positive). How to unlock the other four backend is not clear.

In the video, He Jiankui emphasizes that those who are interested in this technique do not want a design, and that he believes that the gene modification for hair color or IQ should not be permitted. He also understands that his work will be controversial, but finds that families need this technology to make their children an opportunity for a healthy life. He is willing to get criticized.

And he gets you critique. Monotonous, responsible, ugly, dangerous, not explaining: these are some concepts that scientists from the world left behind the guilt of He. The university where he works works from him. A Chinese regulator has expressed great concern and investigated the case. The international community of vibrant researchers, the ISSCR, respond negatively. If it is agreed that laboratory problems on microse ranges may be possible under stringent conditions and guidance, but it is premature for clinical use of this technique, it is unclear what the risks are. It was not for nothing that this club decided a few years ago to wait for these applications.

Sometimes the choice of the CCR5 gene is a controversy in itself: without intervention, the girls – when they are speaking – sin. Currently they are now protected against HIV, a disease that can be prevented in other ways. In the worst case, they are not protected, and there are unhealthy side effects.

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