Thursday , January 20 2022

Energy is still unheard of as an impression


Earthenware like Red Bull and Monster contain many cafes besides a lot of sugar. That makes her very unpleasant. How unhealthy is clear in recent years. A recent US study shows that you can drink energy at a heart rate or a stick in 90 minutes.

This is to check the blood vessels after the consumption of a channel. For the study of the University of Texas, 44 healthy students received an energy fetus. The researchers investigated the blood before and after drinking the drink. After the intake, the impression of the blood vessels was half the size, which resulted in a greater risk of heart attack and severity.

The extension of the blood vessels is caused by an increased blood sugar level. The researchers think this is caused by the combination of cafe, sugar, taurine and other herbs. In one camp there is 35 to 40 grams of sugar and 80 milligrams of coffee. That's just as much as in 2.5 things of cola. The scientists do not make it clear how serious the effect is when choosing a light variance.

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