Thursday , August 11 2022

End of Sunday-Sunday clash at Gronings Plaza


The conflict on Sunday shopping at the shopping mall Paddepoel in Groningen is over. The shopkeeper and owner association have been bolding for many years during mandatory opening on Sunday, but they have signed a new contract.

VVE wanted every retailer in the shopping center to go shopping every month. This will result in clarity to the consumer. Some shopkeepers did not open on Sunday because it was not profitable. They closed the door and were fined at the shelter.

For some entrepreneurs, the fine was tens of thousands of euros. For example, a bike shop seized in March will be charged a fine of € 60,000. The shopkeepers went to the courts with various successes to escape the fines.

Fine at the table

Groningen municipal politics also intervened in the conflict. The city council said that while the conflict is still going on, the desired expansion of the shopping center will not come. The shopkeeper then returned to the table with vve.

Retailers are now agreeing that they do not have to shop every Sunday but they can choose Sunday. All penalties for the shop owner are also on the table. As happens throughout Groningen, we leave it to retailers when we open. "Said Dick Maans, board member for RTV Noord.

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