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Director of Game of Thrones & # 39; makes preaching of the Soprano …


For six seasons, loyal fans follow the life of The Sopranos, now they get the opportunity to extend this period. No HBO has announced that a new prequel will follow the 86 existing episodes. We will spend time with Tony Sopran's uncle in # 39; to lead. The name of one actor is already circulating in household.

Everything will change the character of Dickey Moltisanti in the new prequel. Viewers of the original series had not seen him before, but he was already mentioned as Tony mentor. The characteristic but hollow Moltisanti promises to become a controversial character. He is in love with the hottest younger woman of his father and, of course, the recipe for problems.

Director of Game of Thrones & # 39; makes prey of The Sopranos: this actor would take the lead
Alessandro Nivola and his wife Emily Mortimer.

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A remarkable team

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this role will be reserved for Alessandro Nivola, a 46-year-old actor, currently presenting British Independent Film Awards as & # 39; Best Supporter nominated for his character in & # 39; Immunity. Often actors – like the legendary James Gandolfini – recurrence of the original series is still unknown.

There are a number of remarkable names at the top of the project. Alan Taylor, the director of Game of Thrones, gets the control of the prequel with the film The Many Saints of Newark. The script is written by David Chase, the maker of The Sopranos, but in collaboration with Lawrence Konner (Boardwalk Empire).

If we can expect that the film in movie is still unknown. If the movie appears in film, it is still unknown.

Crime, family and love

The American drama series was very popular from 1999 to 2007. All episodes, saws, the daily life of Mafia boss Tony Soprano was seen in New Jersey. But not only the violent mafia-environment was discussed, family and love problems were also central.

And that happened in a beautiful piece of television. The Sopranos were awarded with 5 Golden Globes. They won no less than 21 Emmy Awards. The fact that there is now a prequella film on the floor, let's see that the series still can count on many outstanding fans.

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