Tuesday , May 30 2023

Decker feels guilty and 'I'm sorry' to the victim.


Anouk Dekker was a great schlemiel to a Dutch women's team on Tuesday evening between all the smiling faces. A defensive red card was sent off after eight minutes. After losing her own ball, she pulled the broken Ramona Bachmann and made the mistake worse. "It was a great folly and I was able to beat myself," she says.

She is veronica. "At first she cloned and refined and made a minor attack," she says with a deadly moment in mind. Team mate Jill Roord was replaced by Mered van Dongen's red card. The calculated Roord had to wait for a base place and a 'profit' due to Jackie Groenen's injury.

"I told Jill I'm sorry, but I will have to think of something to make it up," Guilty Dekker said, yet whether she was suspended from the French WC Regardless of the outcome, the case will not bother her for the time being: "I'll be here a few more days."

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