Saturday , December 4 2021

Consumer association: Bears on Black Friday, but also fake bids


A great discount on your purchase is a lot of consumers for Black Friday. Shops and webhosts will be seen today, and sometimes even earlier this week, with products at less reduced rates for the upcoming holiday season. But not every good offer is really one, according to a problem of Consumer Union.

It is stunted with discs that are in the average are not higher than in the rest of the & # 39; a year. Retailers increasingly aggressively advertise Black Friday for these campaigns, says the association. There are also cases of false loans, says the Consumer Association.

The electronic company Coolblue, among others, is guilty of deception by stimulating a vacuum cleaner from 219 to 159 euros. Last week the vacuum cleaner on the website costs 179 euros. The final discount is so much lower than customers are told. In an answer to ANP said a spokesman for Coolblue that this was probably a mistake.

Always more aggressive

The sellers must, according to the law, the quadrant prize # 39; in three months before the offer has been calculated. The Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) may suspend penalty points if this is not the case.

Some customers of Zalando also got a serious surprise. This week it was clear that in whole Europe, and also in the Netherlands, discontinued items in the webshop were to pay for the full battle. While they just hit high routes.

Zalando says that this Monday happened – unconscious – for some articles due to an error in the system. That is now resolved. The company advises customers who have missed their discount to contact customer service.

Although more and more Dutch shops and firms are participating in Black Black, the commercial day that is traditionally in America is at & # 39; The day after Thanksgiving Day, there is still no real price ride, says the Consumer Association. Discounts on products such as United States, sometimes up to 75 percent, are here or not very common.

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