Friday , April 23 2021

Chamber of Commerce wins prizes for the greatest privacy removal

The Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) has won a Big Brother Award. That prize was given to the largest privacy leaders at & # 39; e room from & # 39; Carried out to sell the freelancers' personal data to advertisements. 39 percent of the audience stood for the Chamber of Chamber.

"People find the super-surprise that if they have registered a business, they will be named in the following weeks," says Bits of Freedom director Hans de Zwart.

Last year, the NOS reported that personal data that freelancers are forced to buy from the room is being used for advertising on Facebook. The data is reassigned to advertising companies, which is re-submitting the data to the social network.

In a comment, the Chamber of the Chamber does not say to be satisfied with the price, but to understand the complaints of entrepreneurs. "We are legally required to provide data for anyone who asks, without the obligation of business owners", according to the organization in a written response.

Sell ​​Bale Lists

"They have no choice, whether to open the trade register, but in what they deliver," says De Zwart from Bits of Freedom. "They choose to sell bulk listings of companies." These bullet lists are then used to bombard themselves with bids for, for example, energy, but also for Facebook ads.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, that bulk list function also governs raineries and banks. "They want to automatically request this kind of information," according to a spokesman for the Chamber of Representatives. "But that data can't be used for marketing."

In general, the Chamber of Commerce has taken measures that it is now no longer possible to obtain cheap phone numbers from freelancers. Bits of Freedom call it a good start.

Facebook and the state residents were also nominated for the Big Brother Award. The State and Social Movement was nominated because it makes self-reliance to use its civil service number as a VAT number. The Dutch Data Protection Authority has arranged for the tax services to stop them. Facebook was nominated for the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

& # 39; Fighting Fraud & # 39;

The expert award, which was awarded by a jury, went to Minister of Sante De Jonge. He was nominated for a bill that would fight fraud, but more critical fear that the law would cause him to become a medical professional secret. Too much medicine sensual information would be changed to prevent it from happening.

Minister De Jonge said in a comment that "fraud with health care costs society millions of euros each year." According to him, administrators, research services and maintenance parties must be able to share their knowledge better. "But that doesn't mean breaking medical professional secret."

De Jonge says that it is stated that work must be done with anonymized data, unless the patient has permission to use his data.

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