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Cells and TBS interiors that require forced labor in the piano tuner


Pastor Ebi Wassenaar was hammered in November at the church. She became heavy and permanently disabled.

Suspect Wijnand B. may be tried for assault on Rhenoy's Rev. Ebi Wassenaar despite his severe state of mind. The Arnhem court decided on Tuesday afternoon after asking for a defense to stop the man's 50-year-old persecution. The suspect initially did not want to appear in the court, but the judge brought it from the detention center because he wanted his presence. This means that the lawsuit can start in a few hours.

His lawyer, Jan Peter van Schaik, has ruled that the defendant can not follow the criminal proceedings in detail. The court says based on the judgment of the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist that the person is determined to be difficult but the criminal case may continue.

Tricht's 50-year-old piano tuner B says he can not remember anything about the incident. He had a cerebral infarction after the attack and is still bad with him. B. Suspicion of attempted murder.

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Bloodbus Betuwse village church

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Suspect Rhenoy was seriously wounded.

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Pastor survived the attack: & # 39; I thought it was a strange person. & # 39;

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For the minister,

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