Thursday , January 20 2022

Bell screen stop saltwater A dam damn – Gooieemlander



In the Amsterdam Renewal at Amsterdam a so-called blocker was seventh Saturday night. These are rough with holes, by which by air is passed, make a "curtain" of air balloons. This will stop the whole saltwater. The routes remain there.

After placing the bloodstream immediately promptly declared, says a speech for Rijkswaterstaat. "You do not think so, but we're still dry." The rivers have less frost water than usual for months. As a result, saltwater flows from the North Channel further into the Amsterdam Rhine Channel. As a result, the drinking water is subject to risk, while there is a vaccine for fresh water along the canal. The bulls swirl the salt water into and are transferred to the North Canal with the present.

For the routes, along with 35 ton weighing, a moat is dug in the ground. There will be rice on top of 150 kilograms each and 3.5 meters wide.

It is the first time that a block screen is put in open water. It involves the full width of the Amsterdam Renewal on the Amsterdam Bridge at 70 meters. In the summer, smaller, temporary blocks were installed and there were lunettes in lunettes.

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