Friday , February 3 2023

Bartomeu stands for Ronald Koeman: ‘He lost Lionel Messi’ | Football


Bartomeu believes that Koeman deserves credit as coach of the Catalans. “You must not forget that he lost Lionel Messi.” According to him, that was a big mistake of the club and his successor Joan Laporta. “It’s a big mistake he left. I’ve always tried to keep him because football without Messi is a world of difference.

In addition, Koeman did not step in at the easiest moment, when Messi was still at the club. He arrived after the 8-2 defeat against Bayern Munich in the Champions League. Yet he dared this adventure. In his first year he also did well to win the cup and he also came very close in the league. I still do not understand why it just did not work. “Still, Bartomeu is putting pressure on Koeman.” He needs to win the league and the cup this year. “

Big win

Furthermore, Bartomeu claims that Barcelona’s financial situation is not as bad as Laporta suggests. “In my last full season we had a profit of 95 million euros and without the corona pandemic it would have been much bigger. We have also always adhered to the Financial Fair Play rules, just like La Liga’s salary cap.

In 2020/21, in which Bartomeu was also largely at the helm, there was a loss of almost 500 million euros. He does not deny that there are large debts. “But there are also parties that have debts with Barcelona.” According to Bartomeu, the real debt is not 1.35 billion, but 550 million. “In the end, a very strong market in football was built under my government. That is why banks still dare to invest in us. They know that our revenue will increase significantly after the pandemic. ”

He also mentioned again the Super League, of which he and Laporta are huge supporters. “It simply came to our notice then. That makes it very interesting. It is possible to have the Super League and the domestic leagues next to each other. ”

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