Sunday , May 29 2022

According to scientists, you can think


Imagine: You're sitting on a couch thinking about the weight of the weight. And then just a couple of pounds. Good to be true These scientists have no evidence, although you still have to do something.

The researchers at the Plymouth University come up with the FIT (Functional Imagery Training) method, which contains your own imagination and set up positive goals. The idea is that you can imagine how beautiful it feels that it does not take the chocolate bar or the fat to catch it quickly. You would prefer to see the desired behavior.

70 participants took the test. They follow the FIT method for a whole year. 70 others only got motivation interviews. Those who follow FIT therapy fell by four kilo and had a four centimeter smoker size. The people in the group decreased by 0.74 kilo and the size was only 2 centimeters. After a year, the difference in results was even greater: the FIT method provided a weight loss of 6.5 kilos, the other training resulted in a weight loss of 0.67 kilos.

Waiting for FIT training, set goals on the desired behavioral change and had to behave differently in the day several times. The precursor that they do, the better it worked. The control group received so much guidance, but only in the form of conversations. They had nothing to succeed.

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