Tuesday , May 30 2023

About the Frenkie de Jong mascot: & # 39; I thought it would be a pleasure for him. & # 39; Soccer


Not last time but before the international game. His mascot decided to dance in Wilhelmus. "I called him a few times, but fortunately he thought so: I thought I would entertain him.

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Video: Orange mascot takes a chance in the country.

That's what Ronald Koeman thought. "I was told that it was interesting to see the Dutch national team, we all saw the image of a dancing boy in the country, and Virgil van Dijk put on a training jacket on the girl's shoulder because she It's cold, and you have a lot of sympathy for it, "says the national coach.

"It does not mean everyone wants to see oranges, but it all matches, and I think the boys realize that they also play a role in this, and any such match gets more gratitude for that action."

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Dutch captain Van Dijk,

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