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6 tips to get strings


About forty percent of men and twenty percent of women's strings. One fifth of all children snipe. How to clear your strings? A snook expert gives six tips.

Snoar ring comes when an extension in air is in the air. The air goes through, which is subjected to pressure and then the tissues together. The bell caused the known coarse sound.

Describes strings a problem on the social field?

Maarten Majoor is an ENT physician and somnolooch in the Gelderse Vallei Hospital. The fasting can be very harder and so harder that it sounds like a Harley Davidson next to your bed, according to Somnolooch Major. "It happens that someone has been removed from a hotel, so others have threatened to do so."

Is a severe danger to your health?

If you are so thin that you stop the atmosphere, you need to sleep with apple. "People who have this, are always tired and deceiving, because then you sleep sleeping." Major says that these types of things can be investigated in the hospital. "There can be a severe drop in oxygen in sleep apnea, which increases your blood pressure and increases heart rates. Sleep disorders have great health risks such as plague death, cerebral infarction or cerebral blueberries.

What are the causes of strings?

The air should always be open. Great complains that the muscles to stay calm when you sleep. The chances are larger in that a portion of the egg falls. The causes that increase this chances are, for example, overweight, smoke, dizziness, complications and alcohol intake. "People who are drunk are drunk, will be very heavy."

What can you do

  • Do you overweight? Then try to lose weight.
  • Use a nasal spray or nasal patch to keep the air balloons open.
  • Stop smoking or drink less alcohol.
  • Turn to your site instead of on your back.
  • Make sure the header is higher than the footprint, so you can get easier.
  • Remains pills and tranquilizers.

6 tips to get strings


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