Tuesday , January 18 2022

40 million euros of medicines are annulled unnecessarily annually.


The Dutch unnecessarily discard 40 million euros of medicines annually. Based on a study of 41 pharmacies, Charlotte Bekker of UMC Utrecht said:

Approximately 100 million euros worth of medicines are discarded annually. The researcher has tracked how many medicines have been returned to the pharmacy for some reason.

According to Bekker's PhD study by Trouw, four out of 10 cases could be prevented from returning.

Weekly inventory

A common reason is that the doctor prescribed more than needed the patient, or the pharmacist prescribed more than the prescription. "For example, if the patient receives the test results on the weekend, Becker points out that it is not convenient to administer the drug for three months, so you have to choose one week's stock."

People sometimes did not have the treatment because the medication was not effective enough or caused many side effects.

Packaged container

The pharmacist can not retrieve the medicines and deliver them to others once they have been issued. These medicines must be disposed of for safety reasons.

The researcher insists on reviewing this work. "When you publish a sealed package, you can see that the box does not open," says Trouw.

You can place a chip on the packaging that measures whether the medicine is stored under the right conditions. "The use of inexpensive drugs is not profitable, but using expensive medicines offers much more than cost."

Overall, we spend about 5 billion euros on drugs in the Netherlands.

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