Saturday , June 19 2021

“We can resist until the end of the year …”, warns the CEO, Didier Tappero – How much liquidity are we talking about?

Didier Tappero: Based on realistic assumptions of a recovery of 42% of our activities in early 2022, we would need help between 3 and 5 months of our 2019 turnover. – International flights remain suspended by the Caledonian government until the end of October 2020, the context is also for referendums on independence … Is it not contradictory to come and ask the French state for help?

Didier Tappero: I can not find it. We are a French company. Referendum if not, the links between France and New Caledonia continue to exist. From a strategic and political point of view, we need French help. – Calling for a relaxation of sanitary measures of access to New Caledonia: compelling reasons, fourteen days …?

Didier Tappero: I have no skill in health matters. It should be noted that these measures are quite popular in New Caledonia. But of course the consequences are dire for air transport, tourism, hotel chains, travel agencies … The situation is contradictory. – Vaccination and health passport: is this the double condition for the recurrence of tourism? AOK Pass, Travel Pass … what solution will Air Calin target?

Didier Tappero: Sure. Compulsory vaccination, however, is not yet an issue. Currently we are monitoring the progress of solutions for sanitary pass, we will implement one of the two mentioned. But by the time the traffic starts again, we have time to prepare …

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