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The weather for Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Here is the weather forecast for the day of Wednesday 21 July 2021, set by the General Directorate of Meteorology:

– Free warm to hot weather in the Southeast, the interior of the Southern Provinces, the Souss and the plains west of the Atlas.

  • Low clouds and foggy formations morning and night on the north and center coasts.
  • Cloudy skies for a while until temporarily cloudy in the afternoon over the High and Middle Atlas and clear to light clouds elsewhere.

  • Sand hunting possible in the interior of the southern provinces.

  • Moderate northerly winds over the south and central coasts and weak to moderate, south over the south east and southeast and north prevailing elsewhere.

  • Minimum temperatures around 27/31 ° C in the South East and extreme South, 22/25 ° C in the interior of Souss and Chiadma and 16/22 ° C elsewhere.

  • Maximum temperatures of about 42/46 ° C in the South East, the interior of Souss, the plains of Tadla, Rehamna, the plateaus of Phosphates and Oulmés and the East and South of the Sahara provinces, 36/42 ° C to ‘ the Oriental, the Moulouya Valley, the Saiss, the Reef, the interior of Gharb and Chiadma, 32/36 ° C on the Atlantic plains and 24/30 ° C on the coasts and reliefs.

  • Beautiful sea, somewhat restless on the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait and small to rough on the Atlantic coasts.

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