Saturday , May 28 2022

The project of an African internal air transport market does not have a form


The project to adopt an African internal market for air transport is no form, said Monday in Rabat, the president and director of Royal Air Maroc (RAM) and chairman of # 39; African Association of Companies (AFRAA), Abdelhamid Addou.
"A few years ago, the establishment of an African internal air transport has still been on the stage of vision and project," said Mr. As you talked about the opening of the 50th General Meeting of # 39; AFRAA, which ends on Tuesday morning 27, has also added that "things have disappeared in time".
"Non-African companies remain largely replaced by the continent at a time when African carriers were acquired by the reverse deployment of used concrete in a context of restrictive bilateral agreements," added Mr. Addou. .
In this sense, the CEO of RAM says his hope to visit all the states of the many prospects of leading to a boom in # 39; The agreement on the continent, which is mainly caused by African companies and serves the economies. and African citizens, reports the MAP.
Mr. Addou has tried this opportunity to call on leaders of African companies to campaign, parallel to promoting collaboration and cooperation with the aim of developing African-African relations, lowering the cost & # 39; deal with the operation of flights on African airports and improve the quality of infrastructure in Africa. It also has the importance of ensuring the quality of service, the best standards of the aircraft industry, in particular by a variety of quality products and services, and also the development of new marketing and distribution techniques complete. especially digitally.
For its part, the Minister of Tourism, Air Transport, Charter and Social Economy, Mohamed Sajid, guest of honor on this issue, considered that there is a great potential for the development of Africa's sectors, calls for more work & Regulation of & # 39; the regular harmonization between the countries of the country, reinforcing cooperation and exchanges of experiences and the implementation of the explanation of & nbsp; & nbsp; Yamoussoukro on the liberalization of Air Transport in Africa by the African Union. Signed agreements to develop the sector on an African scale.

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