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The number of accidents record in Europe by the end of the year – 28/11/2018 04:29:21


        LONDRES, November 28 (Reuters) - Plus of 130,000 people
have contracted the virus of Europe in the last year,
a record record of the region, the report
the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Center
Prevention and Control of Illness (CEPCM) in
report published mercredi.
    In total, the 53 pays available to the zone
Europe of the WHO, about 160,000 people have been contracted
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (VIH) and 2017, is the writer
in the document.
    The director for the Europe of the WHO, Zsuzsanna Jakob,
with the name "inacceptable" of the cas, called in
Governments are recognizing the gravity of the situation and uprising
take the appropriate measurements.
    According to her report, one of the reasons for HIV prevalence
In Europe, the diagnosis of persistent persecution of porteries
virus, which increases the likelihood that celles-ci aient
transmis the virus.
    About 37 million people in the world are
virus porides of the virus.

 (Kate Kelland; Jean Terzian for the French Service)

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