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The morning shutdown of the 8th American Meeting of 2018, a counterparty


The 8th International Summit of Cities and Local Authorities of Africa, dated from 20 to 24 November, concluded on Saturday evening with the establishment of African Declaration 8.

With nearly 7,000 participants, a record, this Summit held under the theme The transition to sustainable cities and territories: The role of local and regional authorities in Africa & # 39; was marked by 158 events, including political sessions, sessions Exchange, local strategic sessions, stakeholders, open sessions (debates) and special events.

This triple meeting, organized under the high debt of his Majesty King Mohammed VI in the Africa Village Interest on the Bab Jdid site in # 39, has the unplanned place of Africa in # defining the definition and implementation of policies and strategies. development, integration and cooperation in Africa and proposed new perspectives for a greater contribution to local and regional authorities of continent.

Africa's 8th consolidation of the role of African cities and territories as key actors for the implementation of international agendas established by the United Nations in 2015 and 2016, and even better: the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development goals (SDG's)); the Paris Convention on Climate Change and National Specific Instruments (CDN) for the implementation of the agreement, including the new World War in Quito, Ecuador.

This pan African meeting was also a chance to create awareness of new responsibilities that were developed by regional leaders to find ways and resources to fully fund their responsibilities, reflecting on the strategies that you & # 39; 39; t be defined and the trajectory marks should be taken and as soon as possible. now the transition to sustainable cities and territories in Africa.

This event was also a meeting point for local Africa hosted by the africa's exhibitions from November 20 to November 23, which has the potential to meet the expectations and requirements of # investments and access to basic services in cities and territories in Africa with the provision of products and services offered by businesses and other actors, an approach leading to the discussion on business contracts, or partnerships.

After Marrakech, the 9th edition of African Africans will be held in 2021 in Kisumu, Kenya.

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