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The last figures of dengue in Reunion

In spite of winter winter, dengue reunion remains. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 24,370 cases have been identified, including 17,600 cases since January 1, 2019, according to public health France data. 783 hospital prescriptions found place on the island and hospitals accounted for 18 deaths, of which 10 were directly related to dengue fever.

The Department of Reunion and the ARS Indian Ocean remind the population of the importance of immediately consulting a doctor in the event of a symptom attack. The reports from & # 39; doctors leave the agents of & # 39; An Indian Ocean Health Agency (ARS) as soon as possible intervened on & # 39; s dengue cases were reported.

Affected areas

In general, epidemic cases are declining, though most of the island's municipalities remain concerned:

– More than half of the admitted cases lie in the south of the island, including Saint-Pierre, Petite-Ile and Saint-Joseph.
– In the west, a decrease in the number of cases is observed in all municipalities, with the exception of Saint-Paul where the number of cases stabilizes.
– In the north, municipalities increase their share of cases, especially in Saint-Denis and Sainte-Marie.
– In the east there are cases in Saint-André and Saint-Benoît.

If symptoms appear (high fever, headache, muscle and / or joint pain feel completely tired), it is recommended to immediately consult a doctor and continue to protect against bites. As a reminder, if the mosquito bites a sick person, it can transmit the illness to a healthy person.

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