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Strong adherence to immunization in children


A possible barometer designated by the Minister of Public Health for relaxing certain measures, vaccination among young people is supported by more than 80% of Quebec parents, according to an INSPQ survey.

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At the last probe conducted by the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec, 83% of parents aim to vaccinate their children against COVID-19. Conversely, only 12% would refuse that.

Note, this 83% includes parents of adolescents who are already vaccinated. The next INSPQ survey will focus more specifically on children aged 5 to 11 years.

“But we also do not expect to lose 30%,” says anthropologist Ève Dubé, responsible for the exercise. “And usually the intent is always lower before you get to the campaign, before you get into action. So we could go further than that figure.”

This percentage of membership could be of great importance for the continuation of the fight against COVID-19, while Christian Dubé pointed to the vaccination of children as one of the last walls for the relaxation of certain measures.

“The obligation to wear a mask in public places, this obligation could be revised at some point […], but if we know more about the vaccination of the youngest, “the Minister of Public Health said in a press release on 30 September.

The rate of 83% revealed by the INSPQ is enough to reassure experts, estimates epidemiologist Nima Machouf.

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Nima Machouf

“Even before the children have access to vaccines, to be at 80-85%, it is excellent,” analyzes the specialist, who believes that we can effectively relax the measures if the compliance is as good as the let believe the survey.

“It is quite possible to remove certain measures. Not all of them, we will have to follow the outbreaks closely, but we will be able to pay for various activities, as we did before “, supports the Dre Machouf.

The importance of vaccinating young people is highlighted by the latest epidemiological data showing that they are at risk with the latest variants, according to Nima Machouf.

“There are more and more children being infected and let’s not forget that 10% of these children have the side effects of COVID, sometimes minor symptoms, fortunately, but other times unabated symptoms,” the D Machouf.

Evolution of the influence of COVID-19 among young people (0-19 years)

  • 1re fage: 4442 (7.9% of all cases)
  • 4e unclear: 12,525 (33.3%)

  • 1re fyk: 71 (1% of all hospitalizations)
  • 4e swol: 59 (4.5%)

  • 1re blurred: 10 (2.2% of all intensive hospitalizations)
  • 4e fyk: 7 (9.7%)

[Entre la 1re (25 février au 11 juillet 2020) et la 4e vague (18 juillet 2021 à aujourd’hui)]

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