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Spider-Man's father and comic legend, Stan Lee, died at the age of 95.


DISAPPEARANCE – An American scriptwriter who dreamed up comic book fans and helped create or support Marble's most iconic superhero died at the age of 95 on Monday.

The world of superhero is sad. Stanley (95), the most famous person in American comics, died. It leaves the universe of enormous abundance to continue and dreams of the world for decades.

Comedy fans and movie aficionados know the face of the old "Stan Lee", the king of cameos in Marvel movies. But he is often unaware that he is one of the founders of the world's greatest heroes, such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-Men, Avengers … Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko ), And Stan Lee form the trinity that governs the golden age of comics.

His mother said he would be president of the United States.

Stan Lee, Stanley Martin Lieber was born in New York in 1922. Young Stanley is using a pseudonym because the cartoonist at the time was a despised profession. He regarded this profession as a leap of fate. He believed that his mother would continue to be president of the United States. How could this young man get a favorable response from his fans all over the world because of his or her appearance, from a shy author to a hero position?

As a child, Stanley was an anorexia in reading. Mark Twain, Jules Vernes, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo, and William Shakespeare have provided him with many ways to avoid small brick houses. The recession is difficult for his family to meet. It is this heavy environment that stimulated the young Stanley to always make the most of his abilities. Because of lack of Sudan, he could not go to university, one of the regrets of his life.

Stanley has helped his family from one job to another. Sometimes he was a lunch delivery man, a death knight editor, a warehouse manager, a playwright at the theater … When he was 19 years old, he applied to his publishing company, where his uncle Rob worked in the ministry. He will make his first meeting to change his life: Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, founders of Captain America and world pioneers of superheroes. He will be an assistant.

"Captain America abandons the betrayer's revenge." Stanley's first story was published in Captain America 5. Stanley Marvel

The collaboration between Joe Simon and Jack Kirby will not be long since he is back at Timely Comics (Marvel's ancestor editor). Legend has it that he was fired freelance for his rival National Periodical (later DC Comics). Stan Lee becomes the publisher of. Captain America Until he was mobilized during the war in 1942, he joined the Army Communications Department, where Ivan Goff, Funny lady) And Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss.

After the war, the comic book market is booming, but this new medium still smells of sulfur to the most conservative people. This is especially the case for the psychiatrist Fredric Wertham, who leads the establishment of self-censorship through the Comic Code Authority against comic books.

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For Stan Lee, this period is difficult. The author, censored in his work, also suffered the misfortune of losing his mother and his colleague, Joe Maneely. At full spleen, he thinks to give up the job.

Stan Lee wants to follow his wife Joan's advice while Martin Goodman, the founder of Atlas Comics, asks him to relaunch the characters of Torch, Namor and Captain America. He embarked on the creation of a new team. In November 1961, the world finds Fantastic Four. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's genius Stroke: a hero who creates a character, not a Manichean.

Johnny Storm, a disgraceful and disgusting bastard, and Ben Painting, a rash but monster pilot, has already violated the code of the comic. But he does not stop there. He completes his team with strong and independent women, Susan Storm, and Red Richards, an invisible scientist like Captain America or Superman. The enthusiasm of fans is immediate. The publisher receives thousands of letters until Stan Lee decides to dedicate one or two pages to the reader's mail.

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Successful Stan Lee forgets his doubts and finds a creative spark. He is now able to escape from the straitjacket and create a hero, not a treasure of completeness. Dr. Bruce Banner, who transformed into an uncontrollable monster, the Hulk, is one of those who gave up the traditional image of a superhero as a costume. Because of that very thought, his boss was angry.

<img src = "×603/2018/11/12/XVM53df1e28-e6ba-11e8-adef-b2038d540b32-400×603.jpg" width = "400" height = "602 "class =" fig – media – picture "alt =" last 15 days Amazing Fantasy It is the most expensive cartoon in history. Copies in good condition were sold to collectors for $ 1.1 million in 2015. "

15th and last issue Amazing Fantasy It is the most expensive cartoon in history. Copies in good condition were sold to collectors for $ 1.1 million in 2015. marvel

Stan Lee has a new idea in 1962. And again he will revolutionize the genre. He presents his new hero to Martin Goodman: a teenager turns into Spider-Man, after being intimidated by radioactive spiders, kneaded intricately and mocked by his peers. Goodman brought the idea completely away. No one likes spiders, teenagers should be trapped, and most importantly, readers should read comics and experience the adventure of a hero with special powers and not find everyday life in high school. Despite hesitation, Stan Lee manages the characters in the last issue.Amazing Fantasy, Before stopping the title. After Jack Kirby is no longer part of this adventure, he gets closer to Steve Ditko and writes the first story of Spider-Man.

$ 1.1 million in comedy

The Holy Grail of this first release is well measured today. The 15th and final issue of Amazing Fantasy is the most expensive comic in history. Copies in good condition were sold to collectors for $ 1.1 million in 2015. The title was sold for 12 cents. The immediate success of Spider-Man makes him one of the world's most famous superheroes. Stan Lee and his co-authors were also able to free themselves more. Thor, Ant Man, Iron Man and many others.

Stan Lee still carved his hero in the news. In 1963, Martin Luther King gave a big speech in Washington. At the same time, the authors of cartoonists are working on a new team that will be a message to all victims of factionalism and intolerance. These are the X-Men we made with Jack Kirby. Today they are also one of the flagship franchises of The House of Ideas. Three years later they started their first black superhero, Black Panther. Three years later, it is the turn of Falcon, the first African-American hero.

As sales continue to increase, the relationship between Stan Lee and Steve Ditko deteriorates. It is the opposite in both material and form. Steve Ditko closed the doors of Marvel Studios in 1966 after his father's death. I'm forever annoyed with the co-creator of Linen Weaver. Jack Kirby leaves the house of ideas. He has already gone physically. Living in Los Angeles for health reasons to find a chance in Hollywood. However, Stan Lee expects to recruit John Romita and John Buscema as talented individuals.

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Little by little, the writer is devoted to editing and directing Marvel away from his work. Unless Stan Lee delegates to his team and is afraid to give great responsibility, the reader does not support them when they dispute the death of Spider-Man's first fiancé, the blonde Gwen Stacy. Stan Lee is 51 years old and most of the team is 30 years younger. He moves away from creative content to focus on communication. In 1981, Stan Lee left New York City in California to develop Marvel's rights in movies.

New life of movies, superheroes

But the first attempt to adapt to the big screen is a terrible failure. Stan Lee will try to find a place in Hollywood without getting rid of his "Superhero" image. In the early 1990s, with the advent of comic anime, Stanley's work was conquering new readers.

But by 1997, the film superhero became a serious business. Avi Arad and Ike Perlmutter purchase the Marvel publisher and then buy it at the edge of the balance sheet. Stanley decided to invest a significant portion of his property on the Internet. He will be one of the victims of speculative bubbles and his company will go bankrupt in 2000. To revive, he returned to his original business and founded Pow Entertainment with his new publisher, Arthur Lieberman and Gill Champion. Without much more success.

In 2011, Stan Lee's name goes to Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame forever. Since his wife died on July 6, 2017, he has been featured on all productions, including Avengers 3, Ant-Man and Wasp this year, but he has become thinner.

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