Thursday , January 20 2022

Solidarity – FAR on the ground to help fellow workers with the cold of this winter


In Morocco, a medical officer of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) departed from Rabat on Friday at midnight as part of the use of the FAR Field Medical and Surgical Hospital help the people of this region & # 39; s for the rigs of & # 39; the winter.

The FAR General Staff gave Thursday the deployment by the FAR health care of two squads of hospitals, one in Ouaouiziret (Azilal province) and the second in the Midgate province, on HM's Instructional High Priest Mohammed VI, God's Supreme Court, Supreme Head and head of General Staff of the FAR.

From the first battalion of health mobilization in Rabat, the Executive Committee is composed of a multidisciplinary medical staff, donor counselor and various equipment and technical resources to carry out their mission.

This field hospital has 18 doctors from various specialties, including a visceral surgeon, a resuscitative anesthesiologist, an autologous gynecologist, an internist, an ophthalmologist, a gynecologist, a playgroup and a dentist, and five general practitioners. – a military source.

The paramedic staff of this hospital consists of 19 members, including six medicines, a merchant, laboratory technology, and a pharmacist, according to the same source, that almost 60 tons of equipment, medical devices and medicines were run to Anfgou.

The convent for the field hospital used in Ouaouiziret begins this Friday from the logistics and health care bazaar FAR Nouaceur.

The deployment of these medical-surgical hospitals aims to improve the health care for the populations of these distances and to improve their accessibility for basic facilities, especially during this period with a sharp drop in temperatures.

FAR field hospitals have always been effective both in domestic and in operations outside the Kingdom.

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