Friday , July 30 2021

So, Amzazi writes the roadmap for the development of Profe Training

He Mohammed VI presides over this afternoon at the Royal Palace of Rabat's Presidium on a roadmap for the development of vocational education and the project of creation of & # 39; Cities of Trades and Skills. In his speech, the Minister of National Education and Vocational Education Said Amzazi has indicated the strategic nature of this reform. The cities are high, it is a question of training the training offer, modernizing learning methods, and setting up a new generation of training centers for emerging or anticipated future. install in & # 39; world e works. All maintain the specific features and needs of each region.

The building site was followed by HM Mohammed VI. In addition, the sector is today a "truly strategic supply of business skills and an important factor in the integration of young people into work," said the Minister of Education at the beginning. The roadmap that you & # 39; ve presented has capitalized on & # 39; a professional sector, upgrading the bidding agency and restructuring sectors according to their relevance to a professional brand, as well as modernizing learning methods and improving the commitment of young people.

New generation sin in the heart of a reform

The reform is also based on the creation of a new generation vocational education center, substantiated by cities of professions and skills, multifunctional and multifunctional structures, in each of & # 39; e 12 regions of the country, "said the minister responsible.

The Trades and Shell Cities will host several training sectors, which will respond to their region's specific and potential, both in & # 39; The actions related to the areas of activity that the ecosystem has set are, but also in future professions such as the Digital Offshoring, an important sector of the world. future is a lot of work, which includes training in & # 39; The 12 regions are deployed, or the artificial intelligence of which the training is offered in both Rabat's regions and Casablanca.

"Regionalization" of one sector

The minister also mentioned the issues known as "carriers". Agriculture, agribusiness and industry remain key sectors for our country and a very broad spectrum, and their training courses are offered in a majority of regions with, in addition, issues related to & # 39; ; an industry. Naval in Agadir and Casablanca.

Nonetheless, for Hospitality Tourism, Key and specific sector for our country: 8 regions & # 39; s would like training in this field. 4 As a condition of health, we have taken into account the need for trainings to take advantage of the environment of a pool of stools, making only the 8 regions with a function or during the construction of CHU courses hold. that these CHUs can provide with adequate profiles.

Things related to it are mostly used in regions of Fez-Meknes, Marrakesh-Safi and Drâa-Tafilalet, where this activity is over, according to the Royal Instructions . In addition, the strong demand of larger cities such as Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakesh for the service for the person, matters that are related to this sector are deployed in the relevant regions to train , in particular the & # 39; a preschool, seniors & # 39; help or home helpers.

Languages ​​and close to the world of work

The pedagogical methods offered by the roadmap benefit the proficiency of some languages, the skills based on skills and the priority of engaging professionals, especially by promoting training on the roadmap. workplace by alternative and learning. All actions are promoted by the implantation of these structures into identified ecosystems at the regional level, thus establishing a true proximity to the professional world.

These cities "They will realize realization models for existing devices, which are called to be "reactivated and optimized" as a global upgrade of the training offer. They will be able to do and develop all programs for young people in their informing sector, so as to promote their technical and transversal skills, especially in languages, to enable them to submit the formal sector into satisfactory conditions ".

S.A in the center of the device

In the rule of government, the Cities of Magazines and Disputes, the status of public companies will be, subsidiaries of & # 39; an OFPPT, which will also be the project manager of this project. They will have a thirty-three administration, with professionals, region and state. They request 3.6 billion dirhams from the state's contribution, the OFPPT and the region's. The timetable for vocational training lies in the beginning of studies at the physical consistency of cities and their engineering technique as of April 2019, and also the beginning of construction in January 2020, because the graduation opening of these new structures in September 2021 can start and continue in the next year.

"The development of these traffic that evolved in this framework, completely sets a new model of the job center, where it fully and completely evolves trading venues and the socio-economic potential of each region." to stay affirmative, "said Amzazi.

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