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Reunionese live session with Maya Kamaty and Trans Kabar – RFI Musique

Maya Kamaty Cd Pandiye (Ginger Sounds)Act 1, Child of a ball, Maya Kamaty was born in the skin of a group of Reunion Ziskakan. Act 2, the Emancipation, loses Maya a first album in 2014 "Santi Papang ", (favorite of KNAW Charles Cros). Act3, the Electro, with the 2nd album "Pandiyé ", that puts the acoustics in CAT with the complexity of one's producer Victor Vagh (Flavia Coehlo). The following? It is live tuned from Zinzin, headquarters of the Pounia family.

Maya Kamaty biography of Gingersounds

Maya Kamaty video "Pandiyé"

De Zinzin, Great Wood, Reunion Island

Trans Kabar Cd Malagasy (Discobole Rd)The 4 boys of Trans Kabar make rock and maloya, the reunion turret music, conquer from slavery. The cabar (reunion party for Maloya) takes on the phenomenon of rock and roll mass. The group is taken over Jean-Didier Hoareau (whole name in Reunion), cousin Danyel Waro (singer of maloya singing).

Trans Kabar, paper on RFI Music

Trans Kabar video

© RFI / Laurence Aloir

Family photo with Maya Kamaty and Trans Kabar on RFI.

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Titles madeLive1 Maya Kamaty "Kaniki "Live2 Transcabar "O linndé"Cd Maya Kamaty"Akoz"Loy Erhlich featLive3 Transcabar "Malagasy "Live4 Maya Kamaty "Pandiyé"Cd Transcarbons"Batar Komor".

Municipal Live5 Bonus Credit "Eats for the heart"(Alain Peters)

Maya Kamaty, musicians Maya Pounia, singing Stéphane Lepinay, guitar Moana Apo, MachineryDylan Marvillier, battery

Trans Kabar, musiciansJean Didier Hoareau, Lead voice + kayambStéphane Hoareau, Guitar + choirTheo Girard, double boss + choirIanik Tallet, drums + choir.


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