Saturday , June 19 2021

Reddit in turn launches a clubhouse clone

Following Facebook and its Live Audio Rooms, Twitter and its Spaces, and LinkedIn, Reddit also wants its share of the pie and launches its Reddits Talks in an attempt to compete with Clubhouse.

This new format, which resembles the rooms of clubhouses, will be available in the Subreddits, sections of Reddit dedicated to specific topics. It will therefore complete the use of text, images, videos, conversations and streams to communicate “Redditors” (Reddit users).

Initially, only moderators will be able to access this new feature to start a chat room. Once the discussion has started, the editors can join the lounge to listen to what is being said and they will be able to respond using emojis. They can also raise their hands to appeal to the floor and intervene in the discussion. The managers of these rooms will be able to invite people, but also forbid them to express themselves and throw them out of the room. They will also be able to ban unusual users from being able to join a room again.

The Reddits talks are currently being tested with a small sample of moderators who need to put themselves on a waiting list to hope to gain access to them in preview. Only moderators can speak first, but all editors on iOS and Android can access Reddits Talks to listen to them.

Source: Reddit

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