Saturday , May 28 2022

RAM starts the portal for buying online purchases.


Royal Air Maroc has launched a new "RAM E-sourcing" platform for online procurement of the market. This launch is part of the process of modernizing and dematerializing the company's purchasing operations.

"Beginning October 30, 2018, current and potential vendors can contact us online. bidding In a statement, Abdelhamid Addou, president and chief executive officer of RAM said, "This portal will be the only point Royal Air Maroc can bid for the company's purchase."

All stages of the Royal Air Maroc procurement process will therefore be integrated into this platform from the issuance of soft documents through bidding, final approval and contracting. .

"Thanks to this digitization, company purchases from home and abroad can now access a much wider supplier panel to increase purchasing efficiency and efficiency.

The platform provides space for exchanges with suppliers to collect all information about contracts and invoices and to express various improvement suggestions.

In other words, Royal Air Maroc purchases 500 markets per year The annual budget is 7 billion DH.

"RAM e-soucring" is already important. 1,500 suppliers Please refer to the company.

In the end, RAM encourages all suppliers who want to bid on the company's contract to register with the portal, so that they can be notified and advised during the call to the bidders in that activity.

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