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Rabbit's electronic news country forum


Rabat – "What services are available for electronic printing in light of social changes?"Was the subject of an electronic media forum held in Morocco on Friday in Rabat, the Institute for Advanced Information and Communications, Ministry of Culture and Communication.

At the opening of the Forum, Mr. Laharz noted that Morocco's electronic printing presses have developed significantly over the past six years, and democratic structures that promote technological progress, freedom of opinion and expression.

Laaraj reviewed statistical data in compliance with the provisions of Articles 88-13 of the Electronic Times and Press and Publications Act.

Aujjar underscored the need to find an optimal economic model that is favorable for the emergence and upgrading of electronic printing presses, while achieving undeniable success in record time. It raises questions about how to deploy this area for social and democratic service.

In this regard, he said that electronic media opened up a broad perspective in terms of the spread of digital culture and the emergence of social networks. It is also a dynamic element that enables a dramatic increase in the number of Internet users.

Aujjar focused on distinguishing the legal framework of the press from blogs.

The minister also appealed to the development of strategies and practical preparation to bring the e-publisher's movement in accordance with ethical rules. According to him, the challenge is to implement self-regulatory mechanisms and the goals of education and ongoing education.

El Khalfi pointed out that investment in online media is a shortcut to democratic development and development.

He focused mainly on the successful development of the kingdom's electronic printing presses, thanks largely to the undeniable contributions of professionals.

The forum also held four workshops "Economic model of electronic media", "Moroccan Electronic Media and Charter of Duties", "Production of audiovisual contents in electronic media" and "Morocco's electronic media company".

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