Tuesday , January 31 2023

Mysterious football and Barca's politics?


Kiosque360. Separatists in Catalonia are hurting Barca. The club is undergoing very tense internal political divisions.

In just over a month, Barca held a new chair. The dismissal of Pere Lluch was interpreted by some media as the beginning of the antitrust removal chosen by the leaders of the Catalan club, Independent Recent editions.

The self-determination referendum held in October 2017 left a scar on the inside, which has been split. "The tension in the future of Catalonia is blatantly blurred by the interdependence of Catalan politics, economic stake, and the image of a club that serves as an international voice board for two hostile political positions, in and of itself."

Clubs are placed in favor of the conversation without yelling at all the roofs. It is not a taste of many Catalans. Separist demands that the club become more committed and that another team needs Barca to concentrate. "President Bartomeu, who has gained a reputation for not having much interest in his paper's independence, is also regularly invited to address non-sports issues.

Therefore, the dismissal of the club's former chairman is interpreted by the press as political cleansing. "I have been told that I can no longer integrate into the new trends of the club, and so is my protocol department. Those who know me know my thoughts, it is not impossible to see them in the demo. I always kept the distance I needed. "

According to Varsa 's close watchdog, Ruch' s eviction will be the result of the presidency 's director. "There are always two problems with political divisions between the pro-independence processes: the executives are precisely divided into two, but in this case the new director Jaume Masferrer does not know enough about Lluch, a good expert who wants to wrap himself up with confident people "He said. Protocol Director.

An episode that shows how difficult Barcelona clubs are in the political situation in the region. While other clubs in Catalonia are at the highest level, it is Barça who speaks to the universal clubs and the world.

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