Wednesday , January 26 2022

Morning – CGEM Fez-Taza and USMBA reactivate their partnership.


Through this agreement, CGEM will work to build an enterprise database of the region and provide internships for university students.

The Moroccan Corporate General Meeting (CGEM) and Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdella University (USMBA) in the Fez-Taza area set up a framework for cooperation and partnership in Fes last Monday. It aims to define a collaboration framework between the two parts.
CGEM strives to provide internships for undergraduate students, propose research themes to companies, and build an enterprise database of the region that ensures technology transfer to projects funded by the European Union (EU). The USMBA also urged companies in the region to sensitize themselves to investing in human resources and supporting project owners.
"This agreement is a consolidation of existing relationships between the two institutions linked by partnership agreements in recent years, which will enable this partnership and make it more effective," said CGEM Director Mohamed Berrada of Fez-Taza Rkhami said.
Redouane Mrabet, President of USMBA, said the agreement aims to activate the partnership between CGEM and Facs University, list the actions undertaken and review future projects. Mrabet called the university's "core partner" through many reforms.

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