Wednesday , October 27 2021

Minister Mohamed Aujjar responds


The Democratic Union of Justice, joined by Democratic Federation of Democratic Laborers, visited a sit-in on Wednesday, November 28th to support the promotion of certain arrangements on appeal. The reaction of the Ministry of Justice was not long in coming!

"In response to the legitimate demands of associations, the relevant government departments have adopted the law for the change and completion of the status of clarity", so the department of Mohamed Aujjar sit in an hour that the guards assert That way the deployment of the Ministry of Justice in # 39; a sectoral dialogue with the most representative associations, a draft case will be signed to change the status of the design of control by completing all relevant sectors. , until his presentation in Empire in the coming days.

The Ministry of Justice expects this amendment to be one of the fundamental requirements of # The associations are in the sector of justice, the integration of the # 39; The interdepartmental framework, currently being used by the Ministry of Justice, other than those of engineers, to maintain the professional unit of clarity and the administrative status of certain officials fit into the center of & # 39; a ministerial ministerial framework. For recall, the Democratic Union of Justice, Democratic People's Democratic Federation, observed a sit-in one hour on this Wednesday, November 28th, to promote the promotion of certain rules relating to the profession.

Clerks sit-in: Minister Mohamed Aujjar responds Last modified: November 28, 2018 due to Imane Bouhrara

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