Saturday , June 19 2021

Mc Donald’s continues its solidarity action # Mta7dine during Ramadan

For the second year in a row, McDonald’s Morocco launches the # Mta7dine operation, and continues its impetus of solidarity that was launched last year by 19 cities in Morocco. Thus, the fast food market offers free food throughout the Ramadan period and can count on the help of various charities to distribute it.

Ramadan, a holy month, is an opportunity to show great kindness. Organizations and big brands prove it regularly and this is the case of the American brand Mc Donalds who does not hesitate to continue with their solidarity actions that were launched last year during closure. Thus, the # Mta7dine operation in one year offers more than 400,000 miles for the benefit of charities, in 19 cities of the Kingdom.

Today, McDonald’s Morocco continues its solidarity effort to the community and restarts its # Mta7dine campaign by continuing to support various charities in these difficult times, offering free menus.

This operation, under the name “Restons Metfa2line”, naturally takes place in accordance with safety and hygiene measures.

Thus, every Friday of the month Ramadan food will be distributed by 19 restaurants in 19 cities in Morocco for the benefit of associations that work mainly for the welfare of children.

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